Emballages Carrousel


Emballages Carrousel has been in the food and industrial packaging business for 25 years. Having arrived in Québec City in 2003, the distributor needed a large space to operate. With a constantly evolving demand, the need for space has continued to increase year after year. 

SIBR offered expansion solutions according to the specific needs due to the large volume of products of the company that constantly evolves.  

Emballages Carrousel has had to expand its space by 25,000 square feet since 2015. With the expansion, the team has been able to complete many projects that would not have been possible without the renovations.  

Do you need additional space adapted to your company's needs? We have the solution for you!



This facility is an additional production space located near the main plant.

Les Huiles Desroches

Warehouse with enough height to accommodate specialized equipment and enough space to accommodate sales growth.